Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Monday, August 24, 2015

June 29 2015

Hey....Probably should tell me the weird gorilla stories first cuz now thats all I can think of haha.  Well first to answer the plaque question, I dont have my scriptures today, I wrote one down I thought I wanted but I didn't bring that either so Ill have one next time..sorry.. 
Second, I'm in a branch which sucks.  The singing is hilarious.  We don't have anyone who plays piano so we sing without music which is even funnier haha.  But the people are good.  They are willing to give everything even though they have nothing. 
The food here is ridiculous.  A plate full of rice, a plate with verdes, basically imagine a banana but it tastes like a potato and they just cut it into slices and fry it.  Not bad, but not really good..Anyways then theres also a bowl of soup which is mostly liquid with usually a few pieces of cheese and potatoes and chicken.  Then a piece of chicken and a great big glass of either cola or fresh juice which is always good.  This is the typical lunch.  And I've been sick since day one so at the house I don't eat much else.  Lots of yogurt.  A bag of 12 gogurts is 70 cents.  I have tried a few weird things, one being papaya which which is like cantelope in color and texture but tastes weird and we are in South America so we eat all of it including the slimy center.
So the bugs here are a joke.  Lots of lizards and rats and bugs and ants and spiders.  Not big spiders, tiny little baby spiders that are everywhere!  I'll try to get a pic but our counters are constantly moving.  Pretty gross.  But the mosquitos are terrible.  Everything is a swamp and unlike ID and UT it doesn't cool down so the mosquitos don't sleep.  Repellant is a joke, they say to use it but even with it you still come home covered in bites.  Our house surpisingly doesnt have very many mosquitos, we just sleep.  I just have a sheet on my bed and you just sleep on top.  Its hot.  The other thing about our house is our power and water go out 3 to 4 times a week.  It is bad.  Our water is really wierd.  The last two days no water until the moring then its fine so we all shower and then its broken again.  Oh and I don't have a bug bracelet, I don't think we ever got one...No i don't have a hammock yet but I know which type Im gunna get haha they are sweet.  They all have one because they can breathe and you are constantly moving so there is a nice breeze.
Last Wednesday we went to Guayaquil which was nice.  Got there around 9 pm went to bed and woke up and went to the temple.  It was nice.  I love the temple so much.  Then we had a conference after which was long.  Til like 5:30ish.  I did talk to President, but ya.  He said that I expect perfection from myself and from those around me.  Which is true, but not 100% terrible.  I do expect people to have common sense.  And to understand the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.  Otro example.  Sunday we didn't have any water in our house and its hot.  One of our group says we can pay for transportation on Sundays but not water...which is more essential?  So at the next house we asked for water and had them break the Sabbath day by buying us water.  Genious.
Anyway another week done and another monday come and gone.  Love you guys,  I'm gunna write a few other letters and send pics.  Keep up the good work with the house!!
With Love,
Elder Taylor
These are my shoes after a normal day, I shine them every morning.
Also, every house has a picture like this with a nice house and random animals.
This was at Pres. Escobar's house, we had "mexican tacos".

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