Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Feb 15 2016

Hey family!
Wow sounds like a lot of fun in the Taylor house. Mice and sickness.
The missionaries downstairs have a mouse as well haha. But the difference is our house is concrete so it wont be able to get upstairs.
Gross story time! Saturday morning, we had to go help the zone leaders fill up the font. As we walk out, I put my shoes on. So I figured there was a rock in my shoe a little later but kind of just ignored it.. we went to the Bishop's house, then the chapel, then back home. I took my shoe off and there was a small leaf looking thing but I recognized it! It was no leaf, IT WAS A COCKROACH WING! I turned the shoe over and a few other parts fell out. I killed the cockroach in my shoe and then walked around with it for 2 hours! It was gross. I changed socks and tried to clean my shoe, then we left again.
Later that day, I got bit by a dog!! My first time!! It was a very big and scary dog too haha. I'm not too worried about rabies though, he didn't really break the skin with his teeth, just ripped it. Plus he knew what he was doing, he has bitten people before. If he had rabies he'd be dead by now. But it was still pretty exhilarating. I'll keep an eye on him to be sure he doesn't die though.
Anyways, it was a pretty good week. To start, today we went fishing!  But we didn't catch anything. The river is too high and there is too much water. It made the current really strong, so the fish weren't there and our lines were getting thrown around all day. That is all thanks to the stupid rain! We only went for 3 hours but I got fried!! And the sun wasn't even out! 
Walking down the street later, some guy selling brooms looks at me and goes, YOU ARE BURNED! USE SUNSCREEN!  It was funny.
Speaking of rain, Thursday was bad. It rained SOO HARD!! We were walking, my companion without his umbrella, and it hit. So hard it started breaking my umbrella! We ran to the chapel and waited 40 minutes until it calmed down. The church didn't have water and I had to poop, so I had to put a bucket outside to fill up, to flush the toilet. I thought it was pretty smart :) The bucket filled up in no time.
Anyways I gotta go, love you guys. Good luck with your mouse problem.
Oh and how much would it cost to buy, and send the board game Risk? My companion really wants to know.  Oh and I know one other thing I want for my Bday :) ties from DI. I don't care how good they are, just to trade and give away.
 Ya love you guys

Elder Taylor

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