Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Feb 22 2016

Hey Familia!
Wow, how time just flies! 10 Months!! Double digits baby!!
Haha but seriously, it is a blessing just how fast the time moves in the mission.
You guys had a homecoming, we had a farewell. haha! But the Hno who gave his farewell talk is going to Bolivia, the mission where my companion is from! Pretty cool. His parents aren't members, they are waiting to get married still. The dad had to get divorced and it is a lot easier said than done in Ecuador. They have attended church, paid tithing and fed the missionaries every night for 3 years without fail but aren't members. And now they will have a son in the mission as well. Loco, no?
It's good to hear that Zach is well and also that you had the opportunity to enter the temple. In my last sector, an Hna worked in the temple and whenever we went she took a minute in the celestial room to teach me. It was really cool. I learned a lot from her.
Well, the mission life is good, I got a little burned today again. I was still recovering from last weeks burn too! Last week was really bad. I bought sunscreen which is SUPER expensive here, just so you know. But I don't always put it on. If there's no sun why use sunscreen? But the thing I have recently learned is the sun can burn through clouds.
Anyways, the dog bite is no worry, Hno Carlos asked the owner and it has its shots and it is still living so I'm alright haha.
Other than that a doctor came from Australia as a missionary with his wife. They are serving in Peru but came and taught us about stress.  It was a really good lesson. I learned a lot from them. He taught us how to deal with stress but he didn't speak Spanish very well. It was kind of sad because he was very powerful and wanted to share with us a lot but couldn't. It reminded me of my first weeks in the mission.
Anyways, gotta go.
Oh one story, my companion the other day goes, I am Jesus. I was like what? He goes let me show you a scripture. The scripture sais, Jesus is the fount. Lafuente means the fount. He was pretty happy haha
Love you guys

Elder Taylor

These are patacones in the making. You take a green plantane, cut it up, fry it, then take them out, and smash them, then fry them again.  It tastes like french fries, but I add creole so it is suuper good :)

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