Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nov 16 2015

Hola Familia!
Buenas como estáis? haha that's Spanish from Spain. We have an Hermana in our ward that recently returned from Spain, and always talks in vosotros. Basically it is the Spain form for you guys. It is kinda complicated, but ya. She has a little daughter thats like 6 and she talks that way too. It is really funny. Now I understand why Dylan wanted to talk to Ben so bad that one time haha.
Speaking of speaking, we are about a month away from that and they just had transfers and I'm still here! That was honestly the only thing I wanted is to be in Guayaquil city during the holidays. It will be a lot better. We have already had a family offer us their house to call home which is super exciting and mucho mejor. There is somewhat decent internet here in the city, so it'll be a lot better.
Ya I got to change my train of thought because now I'm super excited.
Bueno, last week was a quick and fun week. We had splits again and I stayed here, thank goodness. We had a somewhat successful week, but like always, it was super fun. My companion póints out a car and can tell you make, model year and motor. It is funny and fun at the same time. We also play a game with rocks. You have to kick the rock in between your companion's legs while you are walking. He is kicking my trash but it is fun. I'm getting better haha.
Anyways, we are also planning on moving houses next week. The office is coming this Wednesday to inspect the new house we bought and then the next Monday we can move. I am super excited. It is a third floor house with a couple big windows for air at night. The higher the better at night because there's no other houses blocking the wind.  Also they have a ping pong table so thats good.
I just remembered this, the family that gave us spaghetti and pizza and took us to the black market, the dad is passing a kidney stone. It is 9mm, and here, when this kind of stuff happens people call the missionaries. So we have been visiting him and it is hard to see. It reminds me of the scout camp when dad had kidney stones. Not fun. He can't drink without puking so he has a IV in his room.
Anyways, I can't remember a thing else that happened last week. Oh I guess here is a funny story, I was talking with the Elders Quorum Pres and he is living in the house of an eternal investigator so I always give him crap about how he isn't baptised. I say, in English, why isn't he baptised? And he goes, ''I don't know, I told him it was free!'' It was pretty funny.
Well I love you guys. I'll sent some pics of my weekly adventures, such as the english karaoke...

Elder Taylor

This is a banana split.. but here canned cool whip is 8 dollars, and syrup is 4 dollars. The people absolutely love the missionaries here.
 Also a super cute dog at a members house.

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