Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Friday, January 22, 2016

Nov 30 2015

Hey familia!
Well I guess I'll get the hard part out of the way. To be honest the passing of Grandpa is no harder for me than the passing of Otis. Please don't take that the wrong way but simply I teach the people in situations a lot harder about God's love for us. I help others understand that this world is only a brief challenge and the result of me teaching that is that is becomes written in my heart. I understand 100% that this life is not all, and honestly, that grandpa is a lot happier now than before. I feel more than anything for Grandma, who jut lost her life partner,and for Mom, Aunt Leslie, Aunt Janine, and Aunt Debbie who lost their father. Death has been one of the bigger challenges here. When someone tells you they have brain cancer and they are not going to make it, I have the special opportunity to teach them where they are going and of the mercy of God. I guess in short, you guys are in my payers.
You are right mom, I have two bigger memories of grandpa. Riding in his truck to school every day and having him say, ''Ask me a question''. I learned about how a car works but honestly I don't remember much. The other I have is his attitude for working. Always was working in his ward, even after he lost his memories. He loved to work and have a perfect yard. When we put in gravel in the backyard he was there with his truck helping out. Just picture the same willingness to work up there in Heaven. He's doing all he can now to help others find the gospel.
Now for the week. I feel bad for my little bro now. Being sick is the worst. Especially throwing up. Luckily I haven't had the all night experience here but I did have a night when I was sick. It sucked because I wasn't about to go sleep on the nasty Ecuadorian bathroom floor. I had to stay in my bed. But it only lasted one night and that was a while ago. Now I abolutely love our new house. People say we went from the worst house in the mission to one of the best. I will send pictures this time, last week we were in a crappy cyber and the USB didnt work, sorry.
My Thanksgiving was actually pretty sweet. We ate turkey with the family Surita and it was delicious. With real mashed potatos. Later, hno Peña bought us a giant hot dog with a drink, then took us to his house and gave us another huge plate of spaghetti, with 4 GIANT mangos to go. My stomach hurt so bad!!
Last week we also had inspections. We passed with flying colors. We had to go back to the other house to inspect it too but it was all good. President walks into our bathroom and goes, ''You guys win the prize for the best smelling bathroom!'' haha it was funny. I love our new house. With green tile walls in the bathroom and a nice shower.  And a nice bedroom and kitchen and loft.  And balcony thing.. with hammocks and ping pong and a drum set. It's really nice.
About skype, I think you can do 3 way calls but you have to buy an account. Not sure though. That's still like 3 weeks away though.
Well, I'm gunna send some pics now, Love you guys!

Elder Taylor
The house

This is the view and this is the typical corner store.  They have them everywhere here.

A cool caterpillar we saw and a couple of cool birds.

This was just lunch. (Thursday)  I already ate my soup and popcorn.

This was dinner Thursday.

The the huge hot dog and Thursday as well.

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