Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Friday, January 22, 2016

Nov 23 2015

Hey familia!

Another week down here and again, faster than I can imagine! Haha I love it though, never having time to think, that's what makes it fly by. Sounds like it has been a pretty good week for you guys. The building looks great and you got eggs and a dog with a wierd net on it's head. What I wouldn't give to play with my dogs. But I can wait haha. The mission is too short as it is. I can just tell in 17 months, I'm gunna miss it like crazy. The random stuff that happens, the people you meet, the companion.. and the food. Food here basically means rice haha but I love rice. And I love lunch. A big dinner just sounds weird now.
Random story, we were knocking doors on this street and we had an appointment, so we started to leave. As we passed this completely random guy, he yells, DO YOU WANT JUICE? and without missing a beat, my companion yells YES! So the guy goes inside, and my companion looks at me and said, We are going to die Elder Taylor. It was pretty good though. Lemonade. But Ecuador is confused, lemons actually don't exist here. They call limes lemons and lemons lime. So technically it was limeade. But it was still good. Usually they make it with the peel but this one wasn't bitter. It was delicious.
Anyways, we started moving today. Hno Surita is the only guy in the ward with a truck and his truck is in the shop so we paid some random guy on the street to drive us. It was fun. We brought our beds and a few suitcases. We gotta go back later to get the rest. The old owner was a little unhappy because nobody told her we were moving but she'll get over it. She is charging double what is fair anyways.
Don't worry too much about Thanksgiving, we eat with the familia Surita and they are gunna cook us turkey that day! Super Pumped!!
They are a good family. Even if they forget, it won't make a big difference to me. Well got to go. Love you guys

Elder Taylor

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