Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Friday, January 8, 2016

Nov. 2 2015

Hey family!
Well, I'm basically out of time. I blame it on the unexpected letter from the new bishop. It was nice though. He told me how you guys are studs. I told his that you were studs as well haha. He is a great guy. Emailing a random missionary he doesn't even know, and writing almost as much as my mom. I can't wait to meet him and the ward. 
My mind is still on the picture, (of Emily's foot) I wish I would have read this first but curiosity killed the video star right? Oh how I miss music haha.
This week was fun. I guess you already know about me singing last night, so thats that. But we did also do other stuff. We took our mission leader out for food. It was fun. We kinda spent 50 dollars on one plate, the place was super expensive. We split it between 4 of us which wasn't much food for us but we were happy. It was basically 2 steaks, 2 pork chops, 2 giant sausages, 2 gianter blood sausages (don't ask), 4 kidneys and 2 intestines. The intestines were disgusting but I tried them for the experience. My comp told me about a time in his last sector when he saw a family making them. The parents were squeezing out the stuff inside and my comp says, ''whats that?'' The little girl yells, ''SH##'!' haha in english and everything
Anyways there was also a funny discussion we had in ward counsel yesterday.. something like this.. Encomtramos una nueva familia. se llama cabesa.. Bishop, Ya tenemos una familia cabesa.. second counselor no eso es la familia cabeza de vaca.. OOHHH! (we found a new family, the familia head.. we already have a family head! No thats the family cow head.. OOHHH) It is a lot funnier in spanish but yeah.Well, I think that was about it.
SMARTIES! That is what I want in my package is a handful of smarties, but like in the rolls of course.
About the picking me up I heard we aren't allowed to do that the other day so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I will be coming back to visit this ward though, they are some of the most loving people ever.
Love you guys
Elder Taylor
The meal with Villavicencio (thats his last name)
The menu, prices.  It was expensive.
The meat.  The yellowish thing is the intestines.

The familia peña gave us spagetti last monday, a huge plate...
Also Friday dinner.. They feed us soo much!!

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