Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

March 21 2016

Hey familia!!
Long time no see jaja
11 months tomorrow!
Anyways, like always I'm a bit short on time. This week it's because we came to Guayaquil. That wouldn't mean too much but my comp decided to buy a new suit and we have to wait. They are sewing it.. Anyways, life here has been pretty good. Last week I ate something bad, and was sick all Friday, with the stomach ''flow'' as they say here. I'm all good now though. After eating in the restaurant, almost all the members have said, 'DONT EAT THERE ITS BAD!!'' A little late but thanks...
I will tell you we finally got a new cell phone! Soo happy! Long story short, every companionship has a cell, but ours had been here at least 5 years. You can't even read the keyboard the numbers are all erased. The screen cracked. I asked the office today for a new one and we finally got it.
Well I want to congratulate Will for performing AND singing!! I didn't know he could sing. In the store today, I heard the hakunamatata song, and it made me happy :)
Other than that, another boring week here. We walked a lot. But this upcoming Saturday, we have one baptism! Also, tomorrow we are going to the temple. Then, presidente is going to machete us with the word of wisdom (lots of sick missionaries). It'll be a great day and I will get to see a few old friends. We gotta be there at 6 in the morning. We'll see how it goes. Well, I gotta go, hopefully next week we won't have any surprises and I will be able to write.
I bought pancake mix and cool whip ($7.00!!!!) to make good breakfast this week :)
Love you guys!!
Elder Taylor

P.S. We have a FHE planned tonight to bake the cookies you sent mama!

And, you guys should buy the bible videos for the house and watch them. You learn a lot about the character of Christ.

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