Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

March 7 2016

Hey Familia!
No he did not bite my butt. It was my ankle, and we have to pass the dog every couple days still.
It really sucks, but I'm always prepared with rocks now haha!
I'm glad to hear that the family it well and that dad gave birth haha. I've been praying pretty hard about that one :) I also would like to say I didn't know William was gunna be in a play!! Maybe you said something a while ago but I forgot. It sounds like you guys are still living the crazy life, running place to place without rest.
Well, this week I walked some more haha. The rain is actually the better days because the heat goes away! I am on my 4th umbrella but I think this time it will last haha! But I will tell you when that strong sun finally gets around those rain clouds, the water instantly absorbs into the air and it is the most terrible heat in the world!  You just sweat, nonstop. In houses, at night, it doesn't matter. That's why the rain is soo nice. It rained like 2 days straight and it was awesome! I loved it! It got super fresh outside. I was using a crappy umbrella however that Elder Johnson gave me and I got wet. But now I'm good.
I got something cool to tell you. Elder Mendoza had Insanity on his flashdrive and I copied them. Every morning we follow the instructor on the little screen and do exercise. It is intense! It kills me every morning, only 30 minutes and you are literally soaked in sweat.  It is super cool.
Sunday night there was another earthquake, but I didn't feel it. Sad.
We were walking, and I guess outside, you don't feel it as strong. But everyone is talking about it. This is the third in like 3 months.  Pretty cool.
Well, I better get going, Love you guys

Elder Taylor

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