Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

April 22 2015

Hey Familia!!
 I don't know if you've written my email to gmail yet, but this is my missionary email. Um we got here safely, and it is already super weird!! We landed last night in Bogota, at around 9:00 local time. Customs was fun, instantly realized I know no Spanish!!! On the forum we filled out it asked for address. I put my Rupert address cuz I didn't know what else to put, and the lady kept going, HOTEL! hotel! and I kept going no, CCM (MTC). It was great luckily the guy we met in Deseret Book was there and he is from Honduras so he spoke fluently and fixed it for me. Also an elder lost one of his bags so that was sad.
But I'm good, and feeling a lot better. Also, I got the candy you put in my bags:) thanks. I also want to apologize for any grammar mistakes, everything is in spanish, including the keyboards. It says I spelled everything wrong haha!!
Just so you know, our next Pday will be Thursday, April 30. I've already eaten some weird foods, we ate a fruit that looked like an orange, but when you opened it it was white and fuzzy, and you peel the white back, and its a blackish fruit with seeds and super slimy. Kinda reminded me of a pomegranate, but not in taste, just the seeds. 
Well I love you guys, gotta get going..

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