Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 14 2015

First call logistics... sadly, no Skype. I asked the president about it. Its stupid. We are using an internet program that calls cellphones, and calling you. So.. ya.. There are webcams on EVERY computer and he told me his excuse was that is was too hard to hook up audio and video... IT TAKES TWO SECONDS!!! Very frustrating. And the calls only go for 45 minutes. We will call at 1:30 my time which I believe is 12:30 your time and it'll last till 1:15 your time. No idea how the program works but he said it's all set up so I'll call mom's cellphone. If that doesn't work I'll call Abby's if that doesn't work I'll call dad.. he will be fishing right? 
Anyways so fun story..  more like nerve wracking story. Every Sunday they give everybody a topic for a 5 minute talk. Mine was on the spirit or something, I don't really remember cuz it was in spanish. But I used the scripture from Juniors Giants!! I don't remember the exact one, but it is the fruit of the spirit is love, peace, joy..... it was good though. 
So this week the new nortes arrived! Technically last week, but the day after my email.. another thing I hate about this MTC is the emailing.. 5 days apart then 9 days apart. That makes no sense!!!
 I'm glad to hear about the dogs!! That's awesome! You got another dog!! Rosco willl be alright though. He is just jealous because shes been online chatting with babes all day (makes absolutely no sense but I thought it was funny and that's all that keeps me pushing through this MTC). Glad to hear the house is coming along well also! Dad said June?? That's awesome!! I am sad to miss out on the whole house demo thing.. but I'll come back and you'll be settled with puppies coming out your ears!! If you can't tell I'm a little scatter brained, cuz you think up things to write home all week and then you get one hour. Not even a second more. Um the MTC is well though. I enjoy playing volleyball and I LOVE THIS GROUP!! The latinos are soo much nicer!!
Like the first day one kid (who speaks English pretty well) just gives elder Extrom a huge thing of Argentinan chocolate just cuz his brother is there!! CRAZY!! 
Also I kinda started a trend. I challenged one latino to repeat the first vision, and ever since then they challenge us all the time!! Actually I have a funny story to go along with that.. I was in class, and Elder Johnson had to use the bathroom. I kinda had to go as well, so I went. I was sitting on the toilet, and I hear, "Elder Taylor, Primero vision!!" (first vision) It was strange but funny. 
Also they want really badly to learn English. One kid, Who has the humor of a 10 year old, no joke, always is asking stuff. Example, Como I say tray? Elder Extrom tells him, he repeats, Trar. No tray. Trar. No trayyy.  Traerrr.. It is hilarious. 
I am in a competition with one kid to see who can say our objective in the other language fastest. Me in Spanish, him in English. It's really funny.. Loser has to drink a bunch of hot sauce which honestly isn't even that spicy.
Anyways, I'm gunna email dad real quick and send a bunch of pictures. Love you guys. I pray really hard for you like every hour (In Spanish!!)
Elder Taylor

OH and if dad's on the water have him conference call, as well as Dylan! I want to speak spanish with him!! Love you!! Imagine a little Colombian man standing behind me yelling, CHOW CHOW CHOW TIEMPO!!

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