Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 28 2015

After 10 solid minutes of reading... scratch that, forgot to read yours haha saved it for last.. anyways, now after reading all that I am SOOO HAPPYYY!!! 
Today I got my package. After we got back from the Temple we ate lunch and I went with Hermano Ortiz to what I can only assume was a post office. Real sketchy... First off, the bottom had been re-taped, so that was stupid. Plus they used a neon orange tape with spanish all over so it was obvious they had opened it!! But anyways, it was only 6-7 bucks so not bad. 
To explain the car ride a little, had a pretty good conversation with Hermano Ortiz in ALL SPANISH!! It was cool. I speak very broken spanish, but I speak. so ya... Anyways, the driving here is NUTS!! They just cut anything off theres about 2 bikes for every car and they are more nuts than the cars!! They will drive right in between two buses with only inches to spare like it's nothing!! We circle the block of the post office and theres little huts made of pallets which I think were homes.. and then we pulled up to the post office. We went in and they wrote down my passport number, don't know why but again, Hermano Ortiz was there so whatever... They handed me the package and I held it so tightly the whole way back!! I was soo happy!! I ate the last 3 high chews today so the candy was very welcomed.. also, super pumped about the ''mios'' and the chick fil a sauce!! But the gym shorts were awesome. And I've already showed everybody the Darth Tater shirt and explained that tater is papa (potato). Its great.. and the stupid card, I blow 5 times and nothing! Only one light every time!! So stupid!! Ive wasted soo much time on that!! Anyways thank you all so much for the package and the card. It meant a lot. I guess everyone can tell I'm a lot happier today because they keep saying you're oddly happy..
  Ok to go into more detail about the happy thing.. We got latin comps. ya. I was soo excited when I heard he was from coumbia!! Columbians so far are soo awesome!! But I didn't expect what came next.  He likes to study, and wants every investigator to know about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity on the first lesson. Which is good, but terrible. After every meal, we used to walk around the building to help the food settle and move a little. But me and my companion decided (he decided) he would much rather study IN THE DISTRICT!!  (Classroom) Which by the way instead of a great district with a grand corner window we are in the broom closet in the gym... Like almost literally. It's a terrible district. And rather than letting me talk with the nortes for a measly 5 minutes before bed, he can't leave the room because he is writing and he has to be in ONLY OUR ROOM when he writes. So basically instead of talking and venting for the last week I've been sitting silently in class while he studies. I've had every class already so its hard to become more prepared for the classes. On top of that my district is very strict about not doing splits in the CCM meaning I have to constanly be with my comp.. Its been really hard. And I can't yell at him cuz I don't know enough spanish words for being angry!! All I know are gospel words! Its been hard. 
But I will say I'm starting to actually understand my teacher so that's good. So my biggest spanish problem has been the understanding. I can write, and usually speak well enough to get my point across. So I am improving.
But you know, whatever, my district is alright though. Besides singing into the evening and being super immature about farts. No joke if someone farts in la evening they will laugh about it for at least 5 minutes. It's ridiculous. But my district leader is super nice. He's the only person in this group that's taken the time to get to know me.  I like him. 
So anyways back on the birthday subject.. I told my companion about my birthday and he told the whole ccm!! Most the time this group doesn't like to talk to the nortes which sucks but today I swear I've had happy birthday sung like 15 times!! And I've been gone half the day! 
Oh ya, regarding my travel plans, they haven't told us anything but the last 2 groups all had the same plans. People needing planes (Ecuador) will leave either 2,3,4 in the morning of Tuesday. So I'm assuming it will be the same. 
Oh funny story time. We were venting the other day. Elder extrom tells me ''my guy is soo weird. He puts socks on before underwear, and puts his belt on before he puts the pants on!!'' It made me laugh soo hard.. 
Anyways, I've got like 15 emails I want to respond to and pictures so I better sign off... Oh one more thing!! My comp had never been through the temple so Tuesday I was his escort. It was awesome!!! Anyways love you guys tons. Thanks to everyone for the emails and package on my birthday, it made today soo much better than I expected.

con amor (with love),
Elder Taylor

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