Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

April 30 2015

Ok so spanish is crap. The food is good. I have two companions. The End..... haha jk.. So the language is super difficult, and after every class, they give us an insane amount of habitacion work (homework) so the 30 minutes before bed and any spare time we can find is packed to overwhelming!!! 
Home front sounds fun, also I knew about the other Mountain Dew. I`m kind of their biggest fan.. The hardest thing about this CCM is there are 5 fresh nortes (North Americans) and 4 old nortes. Basically spanish is all you can speak and... I can`t haha. Everything from signs in the bathroom to laundry schedule to door labels is spanish!! It`s insane!!! The CCM is pretty small, only about 75 missionaries here. Gym is fun, they have ping pong. Let me try to get my thoughts together, I feel like I`m all over the place.. most breakfasts are eggs (very slimy) with hot chocolate. The chocolate is amazing though, like to die for fricken good. The spoons they use for soups and stuff is the size of your mouth so you can eat soup super quick haha. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day usually consisting of a big piece of meat, a ton of rice, some mashed potatoes (which i think they add flour cuz they are super gooey) sometimes guacamole a bowl of soup (TONS of cilantro) and like jello or pudding with a side of veggies or salad. They do have barbeque sauce here though. 
Oh before I forget Pday is Tuesday next week. That's because everyone that's here will be gone except 5 of us because they are only here for two weeks. The new nortes get here Tuesday evening, and the new Latinos get here Wednesday. 
  Oh ya my companions are Elder Musick, and Elder Orr. Orr is from Arizona.  Musick is from New York upstate (not city). His dad is in the military so they live on the base. I like him. Then there is Elder Johnson (Saint George) and Elder Extrom (Los Angeles).  That`s my whole district.. 
Let`s see... I`m writing from my journal so I don't forget anything.  4.23  went to fix the blinds because they wouldn`t go up. Outloud I say, let me fix this, then instantly after the blinds are in a pile on the ground with me next to them laughing. I did eventually fix them though. 
Oh I don`t know what I told you about customs, but it was pretty sad. I go up to the desk, she says, Espanol? I say no. She says hotel address I say no. She repeats. I was just sitting there watching basically frozen in fear. Luckily Elder Amaya (the one who we met at Deseret Book) spoke spanish and they figured it out. He`s pretty sweeet too. He used to work at that Deseret Book. 
Back to the food, they try to make american food but it`s nasty!! The spaghetti is greasy meat with noodles, the hamburgers are just pain disgusting, and the cheese tastes gross! But when they make traditional means they are always delicious!! Also, go to the store and see if they have like a Colombian soda. It is orange and tastes like creme soda and is drop dead amazing. Columbia is nice, the weather is not humid, and the sun is usually behind clouds and it is cool. It is like this all year round. Dad would love it! It drizzles every now and then but never pours. Oh I have had plantains and they are kind of disgusting to be honest. 
So our district room has a nice view of this intersection. We watch in amazement as the Colombian drivers race through it. They just stop in traffic and back up, or don't stop at the stop sign or pass cars in the turn lane and then turn in front of them. It`s hilarious. The other day a dump truck tried to flip a u turn and ran into a taxi then drove off. It was great. Pictures in next email. The fruit is the Granadia (i think) which translates to pomegranate, then there's the chapstick which looks like yellow lipstick, and a couple pictures of the temple with me and my comps, and district.  Love you guys soo much and miss you all!! 
Remember I write Tuesday so in 5 days.
Graffiti across from the CCM says God Bless
The 5 fresh nortes

In the picture with 7 of us, from the left, Elder Amaya, Elder Musick, Elder Johnson, Elder Extrom, me, Elder Orr, Elder Velasquez

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