Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 5 2015

Holo familias!!
   Green car.. it had a manufacture engine code the first time, then it had P0171 which is the old code we used to get all the time. I couldn´t tell you what it needs exactly I would suggest taking it to either Uncle Dale or a shop and having a *pro* look at it. Just to figure out whats wrong of course... Anyways, OH MY GOSH!!! A DOG!!!  I´m soo excited to get home in 2 years!... I´m really glad to hear the house is well, I have been praying lots (MTC) and always pray for my family to be happy and close on the house. Also, hows abby? I´ve been worried sick about her! Is school getting any better? I feel like my experience before the day I left was to help me understand what she´s going through. Having no control over your feelings. Like, I was fine to get on a plane that was honestly pretty easy, but for some reason my body was like, Nope. Not today. This is going to suck. haha Anyways, I have been just fine, the food here is weird but not a big change like I was expecting. The Traffic here is NUTS!!! Basically however many cars can fit on the road, thats how many lanes there are. And for every car theres 2 motorcycles that seems like they are trying to get into a wreck. Cars dont apply the brakes unless they are 2 inches from the next car... Very scary. 
So after the temple today, we drove to immigrations so all 4 of the other nortes could get their visas to stay in Columbia. Basically I sat outside for an hour with the church representative and talked about his family and football and stuff.
Forgot to mention last time that we have so far eaten Pato which is duck, and buffalo which is buffalo. The duck was weird but the buffalo was pretty good. 
Oh mothers day. We get to call home, sometime in the afternoon. I will know next Thursday what time exactly. BTW my next Pday is not this Thursday but next. So like 9 days away. 
Ok funny story. So elder Musick has a very dry sense of humor and I love it!! We were in the bedroom last week and I farted rather loud haha but I said let it go! He jumps out of his bed, and yells *THATS NOT WHAT THEY MEANT!!!* then storms out the room. It was hilarious. Turns out he has older and younger sisters...
   Oh crazy story!! last Saturday we got to go out proselyting.  Basically we went to a little park and attempted to speak spanish. The FIRST GUY we talked to was a minister of the Catholic church next door, and he CHEWS US OUT!! Like hardcore. It was in spanish so we didn´t get much of it, but for the most part, we don´t believe in Jesus Christ, and we are all about the money. It was pretty traumatic. But, the story goes on. The next guy we talked to spoke english!!!  Basically we spoke in spanish to him, and he spoke in english to us for practice, but he was pretty chill. He took our Plan of Salvation pamphlet and him and his girlfriend read through it (I know this cuz we were in the same park for a while and they were still reading) 
So today at like 4:30 AM all the current missionaries left. All the old nortes finished their 6 weeks and all the latinos finished their 2 so now theres only 5 of us here. It is weird. The new nortes get here tonight at like midnight and the latinos tomorrow at like 7. It'll be fun. 
Oh I don´t know if I ever thanked you for the High Chews, but thanks. They are still going but I´m almost out and we can't shop anywhere except the distribution center which is just garments and BOMs. Anyways, I´ll send pics now.

Love you guys so much, and can´t wait to hear from you on Thursday and the Sunday after!!
Elder Taylor

Elder Taylor is soo cool to say!!!!

This roof was black when we got here, we watched this dude paint it.  It was kinda wierd, but thats the view from our dirstrict. Also, this was yestarday before all the old nortes left. They decided to come party in our room. 

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