Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Monday, May 18, 2015

Tues April 21 2015

Garrett was sick all through the night before flying out.  We planned to leave for the airport at 6:00 am but because he hadn't slept much we took a little more time in the morning.  He had stopped throwing up around 2:30 am.  We don't know if it was nerves, food poisoning or what but needless to say I was worried sick about him.  He felt a little better by morning and ate a couple of crackers and sipped some Gatorade on the way to the airport.  We got there with plenty of time and Glenn helped him check in and get his bags checked.  He had plenty of room and weight to spare in his bags.  We packed every extra thing we could think of too.  We hung around with him for about an hour before heading over to the security check point.  We knew that was where we would have to say goodbye and pray for the best for him.  We hadn't seen any other missionaries at this point but figured the ones coming from the MTC would have arrived earlier.  At security we watched him until he we could no longer see him through the crowd.  We did see a four other missionaries go through, two Elders and two Sisters but we had no idea if they would be on his flight.  I'm not going to lie, the airport goodbye was much more worrisome than the MTC goodbye.  At least at the MTC you are able to deliver them directly into safe and welcoming hands.  And Garrett's situation was worse because I knew he was sick and hadn't slept the night before.  After leaving the airport we got some breakfast so we could hang around until his flight was in the air.  Once it was, we started for home and worried and prayed.  It definitely takes faith to send these young men out:)

Adios Elder Taylor!

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