Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Friday, November 13, 2015

Oct 19 2015

Hey familia!
It's been a long time, without you my friends, and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again..
sorry, stuck in my head.. But seriously, Felicitaciones! That means.. I think kinda like congratulations, but more happy.. anyways, happy congratulations for your new cats! That's soo cool! I am slowly learning to love cats more and more. Mainly because every house has one, plus there are strays everywhere.. They are pretty cool though.  Obviously not as cool as dogs, but pretty good nonetheless. Hey, speaking of dogs, how does my dog feel about the new cats? I guess he's kinda a scaredy cat anyways jaja.
 For the packet, no sé... (I don't know) I want so much! One family just got home from the states and they brought me peanut butter!! So I'm good on that.. The candy is always nice I loved the hichews! That and sourpatch watermelons were awesome. That is it for candy I think.
I think I'll be needing a better pair of rain shoes soon. That story will come, but mine aren't rain proof to say the least.. My comp has echo and they are the best you could get. They are a little pricey though. I would like Star Wars.. Anything Star Wars. I saw a Star Wars R2D2 thermo cup thing here and I went back to get it later but they were gone! It was sad. One other thing is all my shirts I have to wear inside out because they have words on them. So some sort of shirt that is nice, like a polo or two but Light Colors! I wasn't very smart about that part, I got a lot of black... I'm good on socks, got ties for days, although one more will never hurt. I wish I had more pictures of what I did though. I could barely expain my jobs in english let alone spanish... and then a flash drive again with instrumentals or something.. and more pictures on the flashdrive and stuff. And the bible videos. (And send it sooner than later :) my comp says they can take months, he just got one from June)
 So this week was fun. It rained one day and it sucks soo much! We have our books in plastic bags, and just walk in the rain. The streets flood so you're walking in water as well. It was no fun. And this isn't even the phenomenon yet! Don't know if you've heard but it is going to rain really hard. The schools here just started having schools Saturdays to try and end earlier because its going to be really bad.  They call it ''El Phenomenon Del Niño. yes. the child phenomenon. Why?  I have no Idea, but whatever. bienvenido a ecuador!
 We also did a service project last week, we basically cleaned a blind man's house. It was weird. There was a man hanging from a rope outside painting the apartments as well, so it was super fun.
Anyways, I got a few pics and then gotta go. Love you guys
 Elder Taylor 

My ward mision leaders dog.. The first pics with hamburgers is at Hna gisselles house. The Pizza with a familia que is investigating.

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