Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Oct 5 2015

hey familia (mainly mom i guess...)!
Wow it has been a crazy week. Is there any sort of snake protector spray or something you guys could buy? That sounds terrible. I find cockroaches every now and then, but snakes.. thats scary. I've only seen one snake my whole mission and that was in Vinces. It was dark, so I didn't see it well, but it slithered over my companion's foot. He freaked out! Which I can understand because we don't know what kind of type of snake it was.
That is nuts though, mice and snakes. I feel bad for you guys. The lizards haven't come back for a while here. I will say the one thing I absolutely hate here is the ants, and mini spiders. Yes spiders the size of ants. You can be in the nicest house and still find an ant on your spoon before you eat.
This week has been pretty calm besides Conference! We have to take a bus to the Kenedy, which is the stake center. So in the last 2 days we have taken 10 buses and 2 taxis. It is crazy! Buses are only 25 cents but you can't bring giant missionary luggage in buses so we had to use taxis for transfers. But it wasn't that bad. I don't usually mind the bus trips to the Kenedy. You get to see all sorts of fun stuff. This week I didn't get to see any sort of realistic theater in the bus but I did get the preacher once. They get up and yell about how Christ is the Savior. It bugs me a bit. There was a fricken genius man yesterday though. If it wasn't the Sabbath, I totally would have bought stuff! He had flashlights, toothbrushes, Qtips, and lots more. The first seller I've seen on the bus not selling candy haha.
Other than that I really didn't do anything crazy new this week. I have 2 baptisms this Saturday! It'll be my first legit baptisms! I know that one of my last investigators got baptized but I wasn't there so it wasn't really that cool... I'm soo excited though. I put the fecha with both and have worked lots to get them to this point so I'm pretty excited for that.
We also went to the temple last week and Hna Loor met us in the celestial room and taught us a bunch of cool stuff about the temple.  It was awesome. I would reccomend the next time you go be very observant and ask lots of questions in your head. Then, while you are in the celestial room, ask one of the workers to help with questions you don't understand. Everything has meaning in the Temple. Even the first picture you see when you walk in is important. It was a good experience. I just want to go back to the Temple every day and meditate and learn because it is very symbolic and powerful. Well, I'm gunna send pics, Love you guys mucho 

I did get to listen in English. It was good. (Conference)
My favorite is...
JK I don't know they were all soo powerful. I liked the last new apostle. He was good. As well, Holland talking about the love of a mother.

I am still in my old sector, but I'm with Elder Melzer. He is from Arizona. 

I don't know what to say about the other. When you live in a tiny house, you improvise for fun.

 In the next package, which I know is a ways, could you send me these?
The bible video that is. The other picture is my preparations for conference.

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