Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sept 21 2015

Hey familia!
I don't know how you guys find enough stories to write about, I'm always scraping the dirt to find stuff. Haha I try to write stuff down but that doesn't usually work. It comes to Monday and my mind is blank. Today has been a pretty good day though. We were able to visit San Marino, a big mall, and eat Burger King. It was delicious. I have decided the first thing I want when I return is definitely Taco Bell.  Oh how I miss the American tacos. And the Mexican tacos for that sake haha. 
So tomorrow is the beginning of my 6th month in the mission!  Which means in 1 month I get to burn a tie!! Random side not, I think I might buy a machete.
So last week, Saturday, our Elders quorum had a movie night. We went to see if our investigators showed up. We got there at 5:30, half hour late, and no one was there. About 10 minutes later, the Elders president showed up and two other guys. The elders pres, me and Brother G left to go get the movie. Basically we walked 10 minutes to the movie store, shopped for another 20, they bought Unbreakable, then went to Supermaxi to buy food for another 10 minutes, then walked another 10 minutes. At this point we were an hour and a half late. They started the movie, no one came for us so we left. But it was pretty great. haha  He was a terrible missionary. Apparently when stuff fell through, they went to the theater. I can't even imaging going in a theater with a name tag that says Jesus Christ. I felt akward enough in the movie store haha. But it was good.  I basically kept them on at least a pg-13 rating level haha.
So we got this guy in our ward who is a little special now. People here say his brain exploded which I guess means he had a stroke. Due to this, he has to live alone. He asks us every week for law of chastity and word of wisdom pamphlets haha! He also had his garments on backwards last week. We were sitting behind him, and my companion pointed it out. Basically his eternal smiley face was on his back.
Also yesterday, the Diaz family gave us nutella cheesecake with oreo crust! Soo good!!
In ecuador, there are lots of pigeons. There are also lots of dead pigeons. My companion last week almost stepped in one and what he said was super funny to me.. ''Oh, almost stepped in pigeon...'' I thought it was soo funny.
Last night, we were at a families house knocking. Here we yell to knock.. We yell, buenas noches.. And this druggie kid (we think he was high, probably like 18) goes, Buenas noches! Super loud! It was really wierd. He was holding a bag with glass bottles in it and suddenly turns around and starts going, ''Oh no. This can't happen..'' He starts to pace rapidly, ''MY BAG CAN'T RIP!'' And then takes off down the street talking to himself very angirly. It was so great.
Well I am out of time, and stuff to write. Love you guys
Elder Taylor
PS I GOT MY PACKAGE!! Last Tuesday! The candy is great, and the music is awesome. Thank you guys so much! It made my day and or week. Love you guys! 

 This is our friday lunch now. The lady is home alone so she cooks to go haha.
The juice is tomate de arbol. Basically tree tomato. It is gross.

 I dont remember the sandwich picture, but its strawberry nutella haha, my breakfast. Also, basically my christmas picture! Oh andwhat the crap is with the chicken poop?? (lip balm)

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