Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sept 28 2015

Hey familia!
I think that right there is a perfect representation of my spánglish.
haha well to start out I better say HAPPY CUMPLEAÑOS ABBY! Feliz birthday and stuff. Hope it's a good one!
This week has been great! My legs hurt so that shows I'm working haha!
So the service project yes I was there. To explain that, we had planned it for Saturday, but the zone had planned an activity Friday.  Our zone leaders call us Thursday night and asked if we could move the project to Friday so we said yes. The amount of painting wasn't very big, like four little walls. So we show up at the church Friday morning expecting like 8 missionaries but we had like 23 missionaries! IT WAS REDICULOUS! There were some people across the street as well painting a house so like 5 missionaries helped there but I took 3 other missionaries and went to the familia Loor's house.  They had asked us a few weeks ago to help out with something but we didn't have the tools. But we found some and ran over. Basically we build a part of a bed frame that had broken. Also installed a few more locks on a few of their doors. But that is why I'm not in the picture, I was at another members house haha.
Well I'm glad to hear all is well in the Taylor house, now time for funny stories. Basically I live for the funny stuff. Today a 92 year old man tried to speak english with us, then gave us his resume.
Later, some weird, very likely homeless man came up and kissed my companion's hand. Me and Elder Reyes were dying it was soo funny!! Btw this was at the parque de las iguanas. Also, a lady selling water comes up going, agua. I said, no gracias. She says AGUA. I Say no GRACIAS. She says it is hot and this is cold. AGUA! So I gave her a pass along card.  This was all this morning...
Also today in the grocery store a lady comes up and says God bless you. Then she proceded to bless us while we shopped for like 3 minutes.
Haha i'm not done, it's been a wierd week.
We went to an investigators house because we heard that her grandpa passed away. She's like 17 and had told us she had an operation coming up, but wow... we barely recognised her. She got a nose job..
more like a face job. It was soo strange!
The other one that was just strange was the street actors. We see them all over, in busses, on the streets but one was so weird. Two teenage boys get on a bus. One in a dress carrying a wig. The first explains their sad story, then they proceed. One puts on the wig. One is in the back and the other in the front of the bus. Basically the guy pretended to be a father and the girl a daughter. The story was that the dad wanted the girl to leave her room and they fake argued for 5 minutes. It was so strange..
But like I said, we went to the Iguana Park!! I have a ton of photos of iguanas!! I'll send them. Sadly my camera died when we got there, so I don't have many with me but my comp took a few for me, he will send them and I will forward them.
Well I love you guys, gotta get off
Elder Taylor 

The taxi drivers name, I just called him Hermano haha. The first thing you see in the iguana park.


In one of these, there is indeed a pigeon riding an iguana.

 There are lots of iguanas in the tree. Also, in the pool there are turtles. The camera died, so its not a good picture...

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