Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Friday, November 13, 2015

Oct 26 2015

Hey family!
Fetch... I was hoping you'd have lots to say so I could just make comments haha. This week went by super fast, and I don't think we did anything!  We knocked on some doors and they didn't answer. We also tried to teach a class but no one came haha! 
But I have had a fun week. We haven't had a great amount of work in our sector recently so we did an ''invasion''. Basically 20 missionaries come to our sector and knock on doors. But knowing that this isn't very effective I wrote up like 10 pages with 5 names and addresses on every one for them to go contact. Anybody from less active to future investigator. It went pretty well. We have full names to work with now.
 Other than that, this week we went to the Vahia, which is the black market. It isn't as bad as it sounds. We went with some members and some other missionaries. Elder R, from Tennessee and Elder D from Brazil. They are really cool. But Elder R is a little bigger. Like, pretty big. In a normal car it is hard to squish him and two others on a bench seat. But we had the member driving and his wife and daughter, and us 4 in one car. It was ridiculous. And the car was black so it was 100 degrees inside that thing! Elder R sat up front and us 3 with the wife and kid in the back. It was a great moment.
 I am still curious if you guys have considered coming to pick me up.  I think a lot about it in this ward because a lot of them know English and it is 5 minutes from the airport and 5 from the Marriott.
I drive past it every week when we go to our zone meetings haha. 
Well like I said, not much happened, we painted a house and Elder F INSISTED that we water the paint way down because he painted houses before his mission. He was convinced that the only way we could do it was with 5 layers of paint, it was a pain. We will be going back next week to finish the job because the paint was too thin.
Well, That's all I got.. love you guys.
 Elder Taylor

Cool graffiti that appeared overnight

 My new watch, an investigator family with two members in the middle as well. 

 Pizza with a recent convert family, they took us to the vahia. 

And this is lunch last Tuesday. My stomach hurt, it was soo much food!

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