Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dec 7 2015

Hey Dad
Well, I wasn't sure what to expect today honestly haha. Mom didn't get a letter out but I understand completely. A funeral is kind of a big deal and I can't imagine the stress she is going through. I hope all goes well today and that the family can have some closure. Honestly I see it almost as a celebration. Don't take that the wrong way but he is more than 10 times happier now. I only see it that way because I have been raised in a house that taught the plan of happiness and I believe 100% that it's real.

I am happy to hear that the storage unit is going well and that the building is done. Wait, is the building done or are you still waiting on that 12 inches bottom? Either way, the storage units can now be emptied. Which brings me to a side thought.. what are your plans for all my boxes? Haha now I feel like Dylan in his mission asking about my stuff but I know they will be moved soon and I'm curious what are your plans for that.

As for the dogs, you know, you could have her sent to a doggy training place.. I know Roscoe went and now he doesn't care but it'd be worth a shot haha. Every week I hear about her accidents. But at least you're not renting anymore haha. Are you planning on putting in new carpet too? We just had a family put in new floors here. Just a nicer looking tile was all though. Carpet doesn't exist here. Only in hotels and the Temple. It is super sad.

Here's a question, did you guys watch the devotional last night? It was pretty good but there was a bit of a miscommunication... Everyone here was told at 7 it started which is 1 hour behind you guys. But, daylight savings changes that... so it started at 8. Everyone was thinking it was starting but the screen came on with a timer. But it was alright because everyone was running late anyways. That's Ecuador for ya. So we sat till 8, then watched then went home a little late. We had to take a bus so that was fun.

We also had a few meetings with President this week which are always super good. We have to prepare for the niƱo phenomenon though which means we had to buy emergency food. Cans here are super expensive. It was 4 dollars for a can of fruit, 2 dollars for beans. I also saw Cambells soup clam chowder and it was 8 dollars for 1 can!! Super pricey!

Anyways, make sure mom doesn't worry about writing me this week, not a big deal, I'll talk to her on skype in 18 days :) Love you guys! Don't have my camera today, next week ya?

Elder Taylor

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