Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sept 14 2015

Hey Familia!
Haha you finally watched Freetown? Well, so far there's nobody here running around with guns and stuff so I don't think you have to worry haha!
 Well first, to answer the lizard question, I haven't seen any in this house other than the 3 in the bucket... It was really weird. My last house there were a couple though living in the cupboards. Elder Wursten would always throw them out the window but after he left we kinda coexisted. Other than that though, we still get a few mosquitos in our room at night but not often and we live with ants. It is very normal to find ants in your cupboard here, or in the sink and stuff so we keep our dishes in the freezer haha.
 Now to begin a story...
   A few weeks ago, we had probably 30 minutes to bed time so we were playing uno. Out of nowhere, this THING appears right next to my hand.  In a very calm manner, I stood up, so fast my chair flipped closed and collapsed, and ran out of the room screaming, ''WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT?!?!?'' I was so fast, the chair fell to the ground after I had left the room... The thing looked like a beetle, with spider legs, and arms like a crab that were pinching. It wasn't any bigger than a wolf spider, but as you can imagine, we pulled out the ''Dragon'' bug killer. With one spray, the entire house smells terrible. I SPRAYED HALF THE CAN!! We didn't see it again till last week while I was cleaning. I moved a little table and saw it but assumed it was dead and being the baby I am, I left it there. Great move. Today while cleaning, I found it again. It was moving and it was soo gross!! I literally just got chills thinking about it. I finally did kill it but it was soo gross. I got a picture, but you can't really see it well.
 Other than that, these weeks go by too fast! It feels like yesterday that I last wrote. This week we saw a dog that was at least 2 feet WIDE! It was the fattest dog I've ever seen! haha But most the people we visit have dogs. They love me. I get to play with dogs at ever house we go to! The gonzales family has a pug and I think I decided that's my future dog. So funny! Oh and the way dogs lay here is flat on their stomachs because it is so hot! They are trying to cool down. They kick their legs open, and lay down.
 Oh last week we talked to like 3 crazy ladies. one couldn't hear us very well. I was on splits and we went to a house to find hno German. We asked, hey is he here. She says no. We say ok, remind me your name please? She says I can't call him he's not here. We say ok What's your name? She says he's not here. After one more time she finally gets it, and goes WHY? What's your names? I say Elder Taylor.. she says Ricardo? Ya whatever I'm Ricardo. She points to Elder Lund what's your name? Elder Lund. Ricardo? Yes we are both Ricardo. And with that we left. It was great. 
Oh last week we did two exchanges with the zone leaders, I went with Elder Lund, and then another day we were with on of the traveling assistants named Elder Salcedo. It was pretty great.
I also bought a new tie for a dollar. It will be my homecoming tie.
 Last, I bought the tools to cut my hair today! And I cut my own hair today! It'll be a lot cheaper in the future haha.
Well, gotta go, Love you guys
 √Člder Taylor

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