Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Aug 10 2015

Hey familia!
So to start out, the parasites probably have taken their toll. They never quit either. This right now is the cold season in Ecuador so it's actually not too bad. I don't sweat at night and I actually use my sheet! But that's because the fan is blowing all night. Anyways, to answer your other question. We were at a wedding haha. Forgot to mention that one I guess. An investigator couple in my companions last sector was getting married to be baptized and they were here in the city. They were about a half hour bus ride so we got permission to go. We actually ended up being late to the wedding because they didnt give us an address haha! That's latinos for you. They gave us the street name which is 9 de octubre (translates to october 9th) which is like saying 52nd street in New York. IT IS A STREET! We looked everywhere. We were almost an hour late for the wedding. But we were in reality probably 10 minutes late. That is the culture here.
 Sara is home? That's awesome! We actually talked to this girl a few days ago from Russia. She spoke english, and was moving to Reno. It was kind of a weird moment. But here we get that a lot. Like we talked to a guy 2 hours ago that lived in New York. He hitchhicked all over the place and had been all over Europe. Kinda weird. But thats kinda been my life. Strange things happen here to us everyday.
 As for your questions, the language is still really hard. I noticed this today more than any day but the members dont really like to talk to me unless my comp is with me cuz I don't understand very well. But as for lessons and stuff, I'm actually ok there. My vocabulary is centered in the gospel right now. People think I speak really well and many say I have a better accent than my comp, and most gringos. I picked the accent up really easy but now its just the grammar and my vocabulary really. And understanding. People here are hard to understand. For having only 10 weeks in the field though, I'd say I'm pretty good haha. I would have been a lot better if I was still with a latin for sure but I don't care too much. I like the area and I like the people and I like the food so I can't really complain.
 Other than that, it's been a pretty dull week. I did get a scripture case for my triple and I've got one coming for my Bible and I got a case for my agenda. Oh I did also have a doctors appointment last week. The wart is pretty much gone so now I'm taking a pill to kill the infection I guess.. I take 3 a day. Hopefully it'll go away after a week. So did you send any pictures in the package? And what about an english himno book? Just kinda curious. You know what would be awesome though? If you could send more pics :) I love seeing the family. Also I want to see more of the house! I have like one picture of the family room full of stuff and that's it.
 Oh yesterday we did a family night with this one family who wanted us to cook them something American. So my companion says I'll cook chili rice! It is something they eat in their family, if you ask me it's a total Utah mom dish haha. But we got there and they obviously didn't have chili, just beans. So we cook beans and imrovised. Knowing that chili was kind of a tomato based sauce I told my comp that. So they gave us salsa de tomate or better known as ketchup. So ya. We added peppers, onions, tomato, ketchup, and beans, and a little creole and some hot dogs cut up. It was weird. Then we put it with rice and ate it. It was alright. But it wasn't american. It was not american. haha Anyways, I'm gunna send some pics. Sadly the goat wasn't too involved this week.
With Love,

Elder Taylor

This is my scripure case, and my agenda case. Super nice.

This is our very nicely organized fridge
Me with nutella and me with my gucci glasses.

The goat.  Find him...

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