Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Monday, October 12, 2015

Aug 24 2015

Ok then, here we go..
Hey Family!
haha I read all the letters out of excitement and then my mind goes blank.. But I did bring a notepad with me all week so that I can remember everything! First off the fishing, I'm soo jealous! I want to sit on a lake all morning freezing cold soo bad!! But instead I wake up, I pray a bunch, and study a bunch, and sweat even more haha. 
Well I'm glad to hear the fair went well first off. I didn't even know that was this week. But The parade I did know about. So awesome! How'd the playlist go? Sorry to hear about the 5k..  Next time don't pay, and just run along side everyone haha! Then you can buy the shirt in a week at Deseret Industries. Beat the system! I think I've been here too long..
 Oh one lady running down the street last week sees us and yells, ''Jehovas Witnesses? No Mormons.. OH Ok....Taxi!'' Super funny. She was in a dress, heels, and chewing at least a pack of gum. It was super weird. 
Today a man asked us ''wanna buy a watch?'' and we said ''YES'' my comp bought a fake Nike watch, I bought a fake Tommy Hilfiger watch. It was 10 bucks. He also had ''fossils'' for 20 dollars.
 Ok have you ever seen a goose hiss before? If not, I'm sure you can find it on youtube.. It is quite frightening. They lower their head, and charge and hiss very scary noises. I know this cuz every Wednesday after we eat lunch at a specific members house, we have to walk by this house who always at this time has his geese out front. They chase us down. Last week we watched a lady get bit. It's quite frightening.
 So Emily got to be a vendor? That's awesome. Here, you can pick any item and you are a vendor. There's a lady that sells shoe laces. She comes by once a week. There is a man that sells brooms or the veggie cart man, or the fruit cart man, or the fruit trucks, or the man that sells toilet paper. Yes toilet paper. Or the man that sells propane.  Or the water man. Or the helado man (ice cream), or the newspaper man.  Anything you want just buy a whole bunch, and walk down the streets yelling the name. That's what we wake up to. It is awesome.
 Question.. are French Poodles expensive? We have a less active who has two purebreds and has puppies. They are soo cute!! She is trying to give them away. Just curious aren't they expensive? And that reminds me, what kind of dog is Grace? Golden Retriever? I can't remember.
Well love you guys.. Only got 2 pictures this week but I'll send them.

Elder Taylor
My companion caught me eating the jello, and took a pic. Also this dog lives in our garage. We kind of live in someone's garage....

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