Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sept 7 2015

Hola Familia!
Wow you guys are really living the farm life up!! I can't wait to come home haha! But 19.25 months isn't that far away. I've been out for almost 5 months!! Isn't that nuts?! Time flies when your having fun!
So anyways, my watch isn't too flashy it is a very obvious fake haha.  But I like it, and so far, it hasn't started counting backwards so that is good!! My last watch was way flashier and didn't even last a month! That's ecuador for you. I'm hoping to get permission next week to stroll on down to the black market haha Apparently it's pretty cool. We also gotta go to the Iguana park soon.
 So one tradition de this mission is that they have libro de recuerdos or like memory books. Other missionaries write in your book and put in pictures. It's pretty cool. I just got one, it is a notebook with the golfing minion on it!! Right now I'm kinda going minion crazy. I got a minion key chain on my backpack and I got a minion chocolate milk thing. I'll take a picture cuz I don't know how to explain that haha!
 So like two weeks ago, we had a double funeral (missionaries going home) and before they gave their testimonies, we were singing a hymn. The sister playing the piano starts freaking out while we are singing. Two other missionaries go up and start searching the piano. Super weird, but turns out there was a mouse in the piano. They never found it so he is still living in the stake center piano but it was pretty funny..
 I don't know if I told you about the activities last week, but we were celebrating the 50 years of the church in Ecuador in a park. The kids of the stake had drawn a whole bunch of pictures. At the end of everything we had some juice boxes and some colas and some homeless guy comes in, steals a juice box then leaves. It was super funny.
 I told you I write down random stuff during the week to write about so my letter is a little jumpy. Yesterday, I participated in my first visiting teaching ever! We have an hermana in our ward that asked for our help. So we set up the appointments and grabbed her and her companion, and went visiting teaching. We didn't teach but I thought it was funny.
 Also, last week there were some elderes in the mission home that had a day to kill, so they asked us to take them with us. We didn't ask why they were there, just knew that they had an appointment the next day.  Turns out one had an ingrown toenail which was really bad because I make my comp walk fast and we don't take breaks so it was hard on him apparently haha. But while we were with them, we turned a corner, and my comp goes ''fetch'' I go what?  He says look everybody, an apostasy!
haha We look over and there's like 20 JW's proselyting. Nothing happened, but my companion's reaction was priceless. 
Anyways, I gotta get off so I'll send some pictures. Oh remember the dog in our garage?  They have 3 and the other two just had puppies! They are super cute, 10 days old. I got a good pic i'll send you.
Elder Taylor

 One with a puppy and the other we had like 30 minutes to kill Sunday morning before stake conference cuz we didn't have ward counsel haha
This is that we use here, the golden dollar. This is also a representation of tithing. If you look, theres 9 dollars for you, and 1 for the Lord.

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