Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Aug 3 2015

Wow. You've had a full week. Well if it makes you feel any better, I had a full week as well. It is kinda my job though haha. Study and work, rinse and repeat. Anyways, the Mondays are feeling closer and closer so thats good. The days are still long but the weeks are flying! I'm 3.5 months in! So, now I will be eagerly awaiting my package haha!
   Ok to explain the last week a bit. Monday we did a FHE with a reference at a members house and after he was telling us he had a vision about the entire book of Revelations. My companion said they have visions more than us because they have nephite blood. But it was a good lesson. I want to talk with him again and kinda verify what he saw cuz if he was serious that would be cool. Also we taught a lady Tuesday who was also a reference. After we had introduced the Book of Mormon she was telling us about this vision she had about Jesus descending into a cloud. So we read 3 Nephi 11 a little with her and she was like, ''that's what I saw!!'' It was also a cool lesson though. We will see next time if she's a real investigator by if she reads her book. That's kinda the line we draw. They are real and want to learn if they read. This is the line because everything relies on a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Which reminds me, I know you guys just moved and life is hectic but get the BOM's out. Tell me what page you guys are on and as a family read one page per day, and I'll read with you. I had that thought last week.
 We went to a wedding Saturday as well. We were late though. It was an investigator of my companions last zone, and they were getting married here in Guayaquil. We missed the ceremony but I made it into some wedding photos! The nice thing is we didn't even have to change for it. Just kinda showed up.
 Random side thought, this is the name of ONE member... Silvia Elena Linda Elvira Maria Luiza Sebastiana Lipari de Casal. How would you like to give her a blessing?  be like ok, so whats your full name?
Silvia Elena Linda Elvira Maria Luiza Sebastiana Lipari de Casal............ Ya we will go get the Bishop.. maybe he can help you. haha
 Other than that the goat goes on. I got more pictures but not as many. As for my companion, he is all good. As for food this week, Friday we ate basically a giant avacado cut in half full of chicken and rice. Always rice. And other than that, we ate rice this week. Lots of rice haha. 
Well I love you guys,  can't think of anything else to write really. Had a weird week but I don't remember anything! Anyways, I better get off, I will send pics now.
 Love you guys!
 √Člder Taylor

Here is a random pic I taped in my comps agenda. He laughed pretty hard the next day when he found it.
My foot...Every time I take the bandaid off it takes a layer of skin.
The adventures of Billy continue

Bowling, saw my buddy Elder Montenegro from el CCM

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