Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Friday, October 16, 2015

Aug 31 2015

Hey Familia!
Well that was a huge letter that only talked about the sad story. (Otis) But the good thing is you guys have looked at it with positiveness... He lived a good life, and died happy. 
Now to move on from that, you also had to deal with the estate sale which I can bet was hard too.. Did you guys sell the big tool box in the garage? If not, you have a buyer in 19.5 months haha!  But seriously, two big things that were imminent happened. And now they are over. And tomorrow is coming. And then 19.5 months is coming. And then.. well, I'd rather not talk about after that. Rather stay focused. 
So life is good here. Mondays here usually are pretty fresh, no sun all clouds, and a slight breeze. Luckily we didn't have to go anywhere today so that means no hot busses loaded with people haha. We did go eat at a members house today and they gave us soup and colada. It was rico. Now I got a stinky guy chilling next to me listening to music and cruisin facebook. This is the life!
This week we did have a crazy day though. Last saturday we had 2 stake activities. We started at 8 in the morning, and were in the park in the very warm sun until 1. We were there for a celebration of the church in Ecuador for 50 years. The kids drew art stuff and had an art show and we contacted any nonmember. Like the missionaries in the fair that one year! It was fun. Then we ate lunch, taught one lesson to a less active member and his nonmember family, and then ran for a bus, and went to the stake center for a reunion about family history. We were there till 8, then we grabbed a bus, and went to our last lesson with a similar situation. The last family is super cool. The dad was terrible, but they finally kicked him out so now they can come to church. The 2 kids are possible baptisms in 2 weeks or so. They are 22 and 18. The 22 year old, G is doing an exchange to the United States in Wisconsin. She's pretty cool. She speaks really good English. 
Oh one guy in our ward named Ricardo lived in Provo, super cool dude. He friended me and tagged me in a mission picture on Facebook. He said it was us walking to go get someone for church and he took a couple pictures. It was cool. He also speaks English. 
Last week I bought a fake watch! I think I told you about it but it is still cool.  I'll send a pic this week. I gotta get off soon so I'll send pictures.
Love you guys
 With love,

Elder Taylor

The lizards were in our house and they were stuck in the bucket. Yo no sé...
And my fake watch

The new Wendy's opened. Super expensive but pretty good haha and they got a latino Wendy and a dog for some reason...
Also, I downloaded a family photo and it was the wrong format because when I went to look at it, we were fat and pixelated

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