Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

July 27 2015

Hey mama!
First off, no bug spray. We can get this really good stuff here but either way, especially right now I'm in the city and there's not many mosquitoes. I haven't got bit since my last area. Plus the people there just light egg cartons on fire and smoke their house out. 
The people here will sell ANYTHING for money though. People walk up and down streets selling shoe laces, or even bed sheets. This morning was pots. A grown man yelling, "pots for sale" carrying 5 or 6 pots. Anything.  Lots of jugo de cocoa or coconut juice. Haven't tried it yet, I don't trust the juice they bag. Another weird thing is that. They sell stuff in bags here.  Bagged milk in the markets, bagged yogurt, bagged juice. Oh which reminds me, a normal sized bottle of apple juice is like 9 bucks here!!  It is cheaper to buy the actual juice than welches juice. Confusing, no? 
But this week has been interesting. Lots of canceled appointments and lots of disappointment. That's the mission life for you. My comp has been a bit in the dumps this week as well, so it made for along days. Plus I've got this acid eating my foot alive! Don't worry, I will get a pic to you guys :)
 The food in the city is soo much better! They flavor the rice, and don't give you a mountain! I've finished every meal since I got here except my first which was fish sticks that were microwaved. Other than that though, I love this sector. I haven't been able to find UNO cards for a good price though. They are 10 dollars here! I'm a missionary! I don't got 10 to spare! haha Anyways, I am getting a really sweet scripture case for my triple and then I'll buy another for my Bible in a week or so. Then after that, the same guy sells machetes with leather cases and your name and an iguana that I want so bad! I'll buy that one in 4 weeks or so. haha Anyways, the market here is more like Walmart. I have a membership card too, so I get a discount when I shop now! It was free, don't worry.
 Ok story time. The other day, I went on splits with Elder Sink(zone leader). We were walking, and I saw a midget. I was like, hey look a midget! Then we were talking to a family at their gate and I saw another! I was like Elder, there's another! He looks, then looks at me and goes, "He is going to hug you". We had our backs to him, so I kinda moved on but moments later, this guy taps me, and HUGS ME! I was like oh crap, what the heck... Then he grabs Elder Sink and compares thumb sizes for a minute, then he grabs my arms, and puts them around him, and starts trying to get me to pick him up. After realizing that I wouldn't pick him up, he grabs my arm and tries to bite it!! Then, he turns and walks away.  Elder sink said the last time they saw him, he kept trying to eat his tie. It was pretty great though.
 So a little more about my zone, we live in the city and all the office guys are technically in our zone. We are about 5 minutes to the offices. Which by the way, is next door to the south mission office.
It's in the same building! Isn't Elder Jeffery in the south mission?! If so, I'm gunna write him a letter and drop it off next time. 
Oh ya, I got my foot medicine! I put an Acid on my foot, and then mole skin over it and change it every three days. It hurts soo bad!! It also looks nasty! Don't worry, I'll send a pic. I have trouble walking on it now but I know in a few weeks it'll be all worth it when its gone. 
One more thing, this week I took it upon myself to remove all the pictures possible from the Liahona's we have and stick them all over the house. Yep. In the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, even in the freezer! Its great. Also, while I was at the zone leaders house they had like 20 plastic animals, so I stole a goat. It is now a game.  Someone hides it and waits until the other finds it, then rinse and repeat. I'll send pics of both of them.
 Tell Emily the getting out of hand joke went over great! As well, I'm really looking forward to the Let it Go song with a cape. haha I better get off, but Ill send pictures. Love you guys so much!
 Elder Taylor
 PS If its not too late, Sour patch watermelons, and hi-chews are the best!

The magazine project

 The Goat... The one on the chair is at a member's house. After lunch, when no one was looking I put it behind my companion. It was soo funny!! The girl across suddenly goes IS THAT A GOAT?? My comp looks, and puts his head down and just laughed.

Here is a typical guy selling stuff on a bus... and my collection of banana stickers

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