Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Monday, October 12, 2015

Aug 17 2015

Hey Familia!
Well first off, thanks for the detailed weather report but I can assure you I already knew it is hot... A better description for 80 degrees in ecuador is flesh melting with a side of fuego (that's spanish for fire) haha Ya I will say that I don't sweat all day here.  That's because it is ''winter'' here. You would think that with how flipping hot it is that the water would be super warm as well but I can assure you it's not! It is super cold! This morning I exited the shower with goosebumps. But don't worry, I was sweating about 5 minutes later.
 Now that we got the weather out of the way, tell Abby to look up kids of Widney High ''Pretty Girls''. It is a complete band of people with disabilities and I love the song.
 Anyways this snowcone place sounds famous. Oh I had a blue popsicle today!
 So quick story, we have this less active lady, who doesn't attend because she can't walk. So last week we took a wheelchair to her house and brought her to church. When the bishop saw her, he got all worried... Apparently she's not all there.. Yes now would be a perfect time for Aunt Debbie to step in and say ''and that is a crazy lady'' haha We figured out shes a little loopy a little too late, because after church she calls us over and says, Tuesday a family is doing a cumputation class so you have to come get me for that, and well Thursday when you have your class of English you have to bring me to that too. Thing is, we have pretty much scheduled this whole week!  It's gunna be fun. Also, we've been teaching another crazy dude... His name is C. We sit on the corner with him when we teach, and he says Hi to passing cars, and hola guapo or hi handsome to passing girls. A little boy was passing by who was clearly a beggar, and C yells get out of here you (.......)! It was super akward haha. 
 To answer a few questions, We are in the zone Kenedy which is the office zone basically. Our sector or area is called Francisco de Orellana and we are about 5 minutes to the office. We probably pass by the offices once a week. We were there earlier today. Acually had a cool experience. Went to get a medical card because I had an appointment, and a guy in our ward walked in. He is in the Stake Presidency. He came in because the church is doing a celebration in a park in our sector, and he wanted to talk with the office to see if we could do a booth there. Like the one at the fair in Burley last year.  Super awesome. I think it was a blessing we were there to coordinate it. But we missed my appointment. oops :)
 Also, on the bus, a man entered selling oranges, very common. My companion goes, do you think he knows that his pink flowery backpack is on backwards? Indeed it was, and it was very chistoso.
 Oh the company Pinguino comany does this thing that the sticks sometime say 5 cents towards your next pinguino. We have been collecting and almost have enough for 2 free pinguinos! They cost 25 cents each and we have 7 sticks (you do the math) 
Well, I know I'm forgetting mucho, but my mind's always scrambled.. Did I tell you about the 6 drunk guys that gave us 4 bananas? Well I did now.


Elder Taylor
I told you I ate a blue popsicle..  We also bought some playing cards with a nice note. 
 This is how they prep piƱa (pineapple). It's like a buck from the street vendors. Did I tell you they use the English gold dollar more than anything here? We all have coin purses. Elder Sink has been collecting all the paper dollars he's seen on his mission.. He has 13.
 Also, my companion left the room in our last zone meeting, so Elder Suiter and I made a pyramid. This is us sitting while they tear it down...

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