Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dec 21 2015

Hey Mama! (and fam)
Haha this letter's gunna start out fun but only cuz my day started out fun. Woke up this morning with a run to the bathroom. Yep it's back and it's bad haha! Been almost 5 months since I had it this bad.
Anyways, the package was actually something I figured out last Wednesday. Basically, the laws here are stupid. Stuff that they can make here is illegal to send here. Such as shoes or food of any sort.
They are trying to be self sufficient. So there are 2 options. Customs sends it back to you guys (the better option) or some guy goes through the package and takes out anything illegal and sends the rest to me (the bad part is this option will cost around 100 dollars).  Basically, Elder Gemmel said it's best to send it back, I think it is free. But as for future packages, as long as it's under 4 kilos (8 pounds) it'll make it, shoes or candy or whatever else. So next time, stay under the limit and the stuff should make it haha.
But don't worry too much, Elder Melzer's mom sent him 2 helicopters and they are sooo cool!! They have a plastic cage, so they are basically indestructible. Also, I took out 50 dollars last week and today bought a few presents. A tiki man for my incense and a 25 dollar alpaca blanket. It is huge and super comfy! I also bought 2 temple ties last week for 10 dollars each. Some guy from Peru sold them to us, kind of a once in a life time moment.
One other thing, Dad said that you gave a talk for the funeral, just wondering if I could get a copy of that :) And I loved the grand kid picture! Although Andrew was facing the wrong way haha. Seems like it was a pain for you guys to set that up.
Well, I can't think of anything else to say haha. I guess we'll speak in a week haha. Love you guys super duper much!

Elder Taylor

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