Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Feb 1 2016

Hey mama!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I've been thinking all week about how I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday, I feel bad. But por lo menos(at least), I did say Happy Birthday!
I told you guys about the service we did a few weeks ago? Well, we did it again. This time they did have a wheel barrow but it was raining so the mound was mud and stuck to your shovel. It made the shovel heavier and I got blisters haha. 5 big ones that all popped.
That's what I get for not working for 9 months. I was pretty happy to work.  Elder Johnson took the wheelbarrow and me, the shovel. Basically Elder Johnson and Elder Taylor did a service project. I will say there was one other kid shoveling who was working hard. Us three were soaked in sweat. It was fun.
Other than that, we have a baptism this week! His name is David and he is 24 and is reading the BOM and is super good. Saturday is the day. Super exciting. Other than him, we have been working with a recent convert, Carlos, 2 weeks ago he received the Melc. Priesthood and last week we helped him give a blessing to his granddaughter. He is 65 btw. His son isn't a member but now we are teaching him. But the blessing was suuper cool. He was super nervous, he forgot her name, we walked him through the words and then when it was time it got really silent. I think he was expecting my companion to continue helping him but after the first part a blessing is by the spirit. So after about 30 seconds he started to bless her and it was soo powerful. Having never given a blessing before he did it better than I could have. It was really cool. He is such a stud, he used to sell beer in his house, basically like a pallet a day but when they taught him the word of wisdom he said, ya no problem. His wife was really upset for a while that he didn't drink but he never had the desire again. He is a stud.
We didn't go fishing again and next week Hno Danny can't so in 2 weeks. But we did go to Guayaquil and I bought more watches!! I think I'm addicted to fake Chinese watches that look real. I'll send pics don't worry. We also ate at Wendys. It was alright. Then we came back and rested a bit and nothing else. My comp likes to sleep. With his last comp, they'd sleep like 2 hours every week. I work him good pdays so the least I can do is let him sleep 45 minutes haha. I like to be a tourist pdays and bargain with people on the street. I'm getting really good too! I paid 5 dollars for one watch and talked the other one down a bunch. I talked him down to his wholesale price, it is really easy. He wanted 25 dollars but I paid 16. It is a REALLY NICE WATCH!
Love you guys gotta go!

A part of my sector is very bad during the rainy season. This is 2 days without rain and it is still sitting water. The mosquitoes are the worst part of the rain. We have to burn spirals every night.
And a random beach cruiser. I asked the people if we could take a picture haha
And a dog. I like to play with dogs and cats haha

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