Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jan 25 2016

Hey Mama!
I don't really know what to say after the whole baby thing.. I was gunna start the letter with the announcement of 9 months but now I just keep thinking about how I could have given birth by now.. wow..
Well it has been a good week, I'm no longer sick, I think the trick is Trix. Yes the cereal. It is super expensive here and it is made in the old fashioned shapes but it does something to your stomach. It also turns your poop bright green! The best of both worlds!
This week, more like yesterday, it is my companions turn to be sick.  We did a service project and he now has stomach problems. The doctor said he probably strained his muscles but they are doing a scan tomorrow to make sure it's nothing serious. We went to the Kennedy though so that was fun! We didn't really do anything else today. It was kind of a pain to travel in the rain and I lost my new umbrella!!  I'm super upset! We were in Guayaquil calling a taxi and a member gave us a ride from Duran north. I left it in her car! But I know what ward so I'm gunna try to get her number because it was expensive. She is in the ward Primavera which is actually the ward of Hna Stucki! I did finally see her a few weeks ago. It was kind of fun to speak Spanish with someone I knew before haha.
Other than that, this week was another week of mission work. We have a family that is going to try to get married today to be baptized this weekend, hopefully it all goes well. He had a slight problem with divorce which always slows the process but I think they will be able to get baptized this week.
I gave dad advice on his kidney stone, then explained that that's the Ecuadorian way of life haha. Whatever problem you have, they always have advice no matter what. Yesterday, my companion asked someone if they knew about medical stuff and they go, no. Then they gave him a list of things to do haha. ¡así es ecuador!
Oh and the rain is terrible. It is apperantly really bad in parts of Guayaquil with buses flooding. The people say they look like submarines in the streets haha. Anyways, ya gotta go. Love you guys, I'll send pics!
Elder Taylor

I found this cd case in the house and I recognized RON SALTMARSH!! I thought it was pretty cool. My comp actually had it, but he found it here.
We did service. You can definately tell I worked haha. Shoveling dirt into buckets to put under a house.

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