Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jan 11 2016

Hey Mama! Hey Family!
Well, I will start by saying I love you too Will!  Haha he's a good kid.
To start, this pday we did do something. We went to downtown Guayaquil and it was pretty fun. Went to the beach more or less.  It's like a shoreline of part of the river I think but we took a few pictures. We also went to the marcado artesenal, art market, where I bought my blanket. Just to look. Then we went to basically 52nd Street in New York, where they sell cool stuff. I bought a car speaker. It is super cool, lights up and makes car noises! We also went to see some turtles from the Galapagos. It was a good day. I still didn't buy shoes because next week the Bishop is gunna take me somewhere to buy good mission shoes he told me. Other than that we dont do much here for pday.
Last week was good, we had stake conference and had 8 investigators that attended. 2 of which is a family that has been waiting 3 years to get baptized. Everybody thinks they are members but they have been waiting on a marriage problem and finally can get married! We are planning to have them baptized this month. Other than that we have a few other families that are progressing and a few single adults. The work is pretty good here though.
Sounds like Emily is really getting into the basketball life, no? And finally getting time to show off haha. I'm also proud to hear Will is snowboarding again.  I'd do anything to go snowboarding. HEY I just remembered, next week we are going to go fishing! A member offered to take us. There's a little river really close! He has some wierd pictures of fish he's pulled out. Spiky, long, short, fat, thin. It'll be super cool.
My companion is about my height, he wears a white shirt every day, he has a nametag like mine, except with his name, dark hair, from Bolivia, uses black shoes. There you have it. He was my buddy in the MTC and is really nice. He is the District Leader.
Gotta go, love you Family!
Elder Taylor

My new car speaker and a new case I bought for my camera.
Here is my favorite plate, Churrazsgo. It is  meat with onion and pepper, rice, a fried egg, and french fries.  Also a dinner my companion ate, the fish head and some of the guts were all that remained. This was the same day and I was still stuffed after the HUGE plate of churrasgo they gave us (they brought out another egg to add after I took the picture.)

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