Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jan 18 2016

Hey Mom!
Well I'm really low on time today but sounds like you've had a rough week. 
I forgot to tell you I got grandmas package like 3 weeks ago! I got two SWEET TIES!! Other than that, it hasn't been a very exciting week. Fishing fell through today, so next week haha. But today was fun. We went to Guayaquil to a mall to go bowling, to buy an umbrella and to buy new shoes! I went to the Payless because I didn't want to deal with latin sizes and Payless is organized by american numbers!!  I did buy some new shoes, they should last me a while. They are comfy and hopefully waterproof. The water does heavy damage on shoes by the way, lots of missionaries the bottoms are missing in their shoes.
Other than that, we worked, we went to church, we have interviews last week with President and Hna Riggins. I asked them about my stomach and if it doesn't get better they said let us know so we can get some tests done. The next day I felt better so I haven't done anything yet.
Last week sounded like a typical week for the taylor family.  Basketball, Will succeeding in school, working on the house and plans for the next week. Just keep repeating to yourself, at least it's not raining.. haha, I don't know how but it gets sooo hot even when there's no sun!! I'm kinda used to heat but summer here sucks even worse.
Before I forget, I know what I want in my next package.. rootbeer extract to make rootbeer her, and a handful of smarties. And other candies as well haha! Well, I gotta go, sorry I didn't write too much I love you guys!

Bowling, a drawing of me.. The comment is something like, thanks to the BOM, I've been humbled from how much money is in my favorite sport.. Something like that, ask Dylan, although he might not understand pelucon, that's Ecuador Spanish.

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