Guayaquil Hill

Guayaquil Hill

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jan 4 2016

Hey family!
Well, I'm still alive so that's good. I'm gunna start with a story that I know will worry you mom but just know I am absolutely fine. I feel great now.  Well, last week, Wednesday, we woke up and did our studies. I felt a little uneasy like I knew something was gunna happen.. Like butterflies in my stomach kind of thing.. We left the house and I figured out what was up. The so called butterflies I had, those were my parasites acting up again haha. I was suuper sick. We went to this house to eat, and I look at the Hermana and ask for a tiny portion of food. I got like a tiny handul of rice with a little pasta. The first funny part of the story, my companion beat me. He eats soo fast! Anyways, we ate, somehow I finished and we kept going.  We did a few visits and we were walking down the street and I felt it coming. I look at my companion and say, ''where can I throw up?''  Pretty good question right? haha, Anyways, he points to the side of the road and says, ''there.''  I look, shrug and threw up. I don't know why but he watched.  Anyways, we went to the house I fell asleep then I woke up a few hours later and called the nurses. They told me to go buy something like pepto bismol. We walk outside and around the corner, I look at my companion and go, here it goes again! Anyways, I threw up twice in the street, drank like a whole bottle of pepto bismol and was better the next day. Missionaries get sick here every change, it is just normal.  Just the whole change and all.
Anyways, then Friday night came along, I'll send a picture of that one, but the rain came. We were running home in like a foot of water.  We got home and there was a river coming down the stairs to the roof.  The door doesn't seal and the water puddles on the roof, so we had a good 2 inches of water in the house. We stopped the water for the most part and pushed as much out as we could, then went to bed. Bad day.  My shoes are pretty hammered. Oh and my bed was by the window so it was soaked again. My big blanket still isn't all the way dry.
And last, in the house here, we had the attachment of a electric shower head. So today, I bought some pipe and some wire and now we have hot water in our house! I'll send pics, although it might worry mom haha, It works fine though. Basically cold water comes in the shower head and the wires heat it up and hot water exits :).  I wired it to a plug so you just plug it in when you want hot water and unplug it after. It is a lot safer like that.
Well, my new sector is great, my companion is a stud. He is the new district leader. He is a little timid but he is being trained by the Lord. I have no doubt that he will be a future leader in his wards when he returns. He's a funny guy. We are also having a lot of success. We both came from wards in Guayaquil where no one is home. So to come here, I feel like we can conquer the world!
Ya I got to go, Love you guys!
Elder Taylor

Hot shower head
New Year

Rain and the flood

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